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Window shutter/Advertising Board regula color coated aluminum
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With the development of China's national economy, window shutter is more and more favored by consumers as decorations. In order to meet the market demand and regulate the production of window blinds, Changzhou Dingang actively cooperate with the window blinds manufacturers demand, providing high-quality color coated aluminum narrow slit coil.

Aluminum alloy window shutter series, aluminum window curtains with variety of styles and colors. The main alloy grade of Aluminum alloy strip for making aluminum window shutter are AA5052 and AA5182 this two alloys, and the temper is H19, the thickness of the aluminum blade is 0.13-0.25mm, width specifications range is 15mm-100mm, mainly width is 16mm, 25mm, 50mm. As color series, there are sub-monochrome plate, mesh tablets, thicker plate, color pattern plate, etc. for customer choose.


The window blinds with simple structure, and good property anti-rain, windproof performance, light weight, easy installation, etc. High-quality aluminum alloy window shutter leaves with the lining color accessories, and easy to match the multi-style interior design, so that window blinds can be properly integrate into the interior space such as the residential, office buildings, public places, etc., can be combined with the architectural style of nature and harmony.


Color coated Aluminum slit coil is also widely used as advertising board regula. Dingang Color coated Aluminum slit coil with below main specification.


Common Aluminum alloy/Temper -AA3003H24

Common thickness -0.5-1.2mm

Width Range –Slit to any width 20mm to 1300mm as customer require. The width tolerance precise to ±0.2mm

Color –Main color black, white, gold and dozens of colors for customer choose.

High product qualities with 24 hours intimate service will bring you feeling doing business at home. Welcome your inquiry for Dingang color coated aluminum slit coil.


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