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Xiong’an New Area Establishment Stimulating Metals Demand
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Establishment of XIONGAN new area,it would benefit on iron ore,coal and non-ferrous metal mining industry development. 

Here’s no doubt that large scale and high standard construction will drive the increase of steel demand.According to the planing area,the initial steel consumption increment is about 10 million tons,on medium term it can reached more than 20 million tons, corresponding the long process of steel mills for iron ore demand increase of 17 million and 35 million tons.Combining to China government’s implement policy of decrease surplus capacity,the part of consumer demand will give priority to high-grade steel ore.On the basis of calculate by citibank,if wanna to copy a new Shenzhen within next 10 years,it would need about 120-140 million tons iron steel.In the current domestic steel demand is about 700 millions tons per year,that means the total demand would increasing by 2% each year.

Establishment of Xiongan new area would form a strong support to steel demand,in the short term the news can be a lead role on steel’s price.Accompanied by the policy of decreasing overcapacity and environmental protection,it’s benefit of steel and iron ore industries.In the long term,high-grade iron ore will continue to be preferred choice of various steel mills. 

After the news announcement,the price of non-ferrous price in China market firmed initially.

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