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The Production Lead Time for Pre-painted Aluminum Coil
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One of the most important points of an order which customers care about is production lead time. A planed and in-time lead time can help to save suppliers and customer’s lead-time and profit. 

To us, because there are too many colors, our factory almost has no color coated aluminum stock. If buyers place order, the colors we make according to RAL color chart or as customized. So we always need a certain processing production time to finish the color coated aluminum coil. It is better that customers advise us their expected lead time, consider our processing time, try to arrange the order in advance in order to avoid too late delivery.

The lead time of PVDF coated aluminum coil is normally longer than PE ones which is mainly because PVDF paint is used Nippon brand paint. All of Nippon paint’s deploy is regularization. The color modulation is always after the lab data’s stability. So the lead time for PVDF color coated aluminum coil is normally approx 20days. Surely, if the thickness and specification is normal such as alloy, temper, normal RAL color, we can shorten the lead time to 10-15days. 

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The lead time for PE coated aluminum coil is some shorter than PVDF because the simple color modulation of PE paint and many big PE paint manufacturers can supply us. So normally it will be need 5-10 days to produce PE coated aluminum coil. 

The above is a brief introduction of our PVDF and PE coated aluminum coil. Wish we can cooperate well by mutual understand and trust. Welcome read our website for more understanding. It will be appreciated if we can receipt your inquiry.Changzhou 

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