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Aluminum Temper Is Important For Before Placing Order
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As a professional color coated aluminum plate supplier, we always meet such customers who do not clearly know what temper they need to use for their products. So we need to help them to choose right tempers. Firstly we need to confirm with customer the product they will make by our aluminum coil. Different product should be used right aluminum temper. Now I would like to introduce the common used tempers for color coated aluminum plate? 

In the aluminum plate model, the two or three Arabic numbers after H indicate the subdivision state of H. H indicates the work hardening temper. Some work hardening indicated by T instead of H means heat treatment temper. H1 refers to pure work hardening temper which applies to the temper with additional heat treatment but only after the completion of hardening to obtain the required strength. H2- is on behalf of the material temper. Not annealed temper, also as heat treatment temper.

For color coated aluminum plate, the most commonly alloy we use is A3003, and the related tempers are H14, H16, H18, H24, H26 and etc. HO means the lowest strength processed product by totally annealed. From 2 to 4, 6, and till to 8 is arranged from soft to hard. And the super hard temper is 9. 

For example, H24, H2 is not annealed temper, 4 is refer to material’s physical hardness control technology. All in all, H24 is belonged to un-annealed and half hardness temper. So friends, if you have any questions for the aluminum temper, just let me know. I will help you solve it. New Inquiry for Color coated aluminum plate, please contact us. 


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