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How to deal with the corrosion of color steel plate?
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Whether it is construction of simple houses or the application of mobile plank houses, the roof of color steel tile is very common, not only cheap and convenient, but also easy to make. For a long time, the color steel tile is easy to be corroded. If not treated in time, the corrosion will only become more and more serious, which will affect the use of color steel tile. Therefore , for the anti-corrosion treatment of single-sided color steel tile, let’s learn about it together with the small one.


First of all, on the basis of laying the matrix bottom cloth on the single-sided color steel tile , apply four layers of silicone coating:

1. If there are damaged holes, after grinding, lay the non-woven fabric of appropriate size on the rusted holes, then lay the whole cloth for reinforcement, and then by the whole tire bottom cloth.

2. If there are rust spots on the surface of color steel tile, using sanding machine or sandpaper to clean the floating rust surface next, apply a layer of paint to isolate the air and reduce the risk of corrosion. With this scheme, the service life of color steel tile can be extended for several years. Therefore, we should regularly maintain the colored steel floor tiles at ordinary times,which is conducive to prolonging their service life.

Through the above description, I believe that we all know the specific operation of anti-corrosion treatment of color steel tile. Only after reasonable treatment, color steel tile can be protected, thus extending its service life. The reason for using Changzhou C-beam is the same. You are welcome to communicate with us or follow our website for more information. 

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