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Introduction of waterproof of color steel tile
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Color steel tile is made of color coated steel plate and processed into various pressure plates. It has a wide range of applications. The anticorrosion and waterproof of its annual device in the open air environment are its essential functions. Today , I will introduce the specific common sense of its waterproof.


Generally , the color steel tile will be rusted and corroded after several years of wind and rain. If you want to make the color steel tile durable , how to do? The amount of paint per square meter can not be less than 1 kg. In the case of no significant progress in construction cost , the service life of color steel tile can be extended for at least 5-8 years , so as to extend the service life and reduce the construction cost.


If these are rust marks on the surface of color steel tile , polish the floating rust on the surface of sanding machine or sandpaper. These methods can improve the waterproof function of color steel tile and prevent the color steel tile from corrosion and fracture. Why does the color steel plate leak? It is possible that the slope of color steel plate leak? It is possible that the slope of color steel plate is small, the insulation layer is exposed , and the equipment does not do the corresponding treatment , resulting in the rainwater directly entering the insulation layer , forming the whole rainwater return.


The joints of the colored steel tiles will cause the leakage of the colored steel tiles. The joints look very good, but the long-term joints cant stand the rain erosion of an hour , and the leakage will fish in troubled water. The color steel plate device is also the direct cause of water leakage when nailing holes , so not only the product quality is good , but also the equipment technology should be in place.


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