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Survival form of stainless steel composite plate
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Stainless steel composite plate : the consumption mode of stainless steel composite plate material at home and abroad is second only to the combination of solid-liquid phase method. Explosive welding + rolling welding is an extremely rare explosion of solid-phase welding. In addition to the folding plate rolling process , the distribution of pressure welding method , welding method and welding rolling process , the consumption of explosive welding composite plate is based on the explosive force of the medium , which will knock at the same time , apply the explosive shock wave on the push plate at the contact interface of a thin layer of metal plastic deformation , and disperse welding molten metal in the high-speed movement to the substrate , the gas in the discharge gap between atoms describes the metal plates, thus stopping the welding.  Explosive welding + rolling blank  is a rolling technology of explosive welding and secondary explosive composite plate cold rolling double composite plate developed on the basis of steel coil. Through different consumption methods , the compound has single metal composite plate and bimetal composite plate : shape plate , tube , wire and conductive composite material.


At present , TISCO is indirectly consumed by explosive welding stainless steel plate in china. The combination of explosive welding interface wave and indirect rolling composite interface wave is different , whether there is interface wave or not is considered as an important sign of welding. There are usually three types of explosive composite interface combinations in metallographic samples : one is the indirect combination of interface waves ; it is composed of continuous molten metal layer uniformly. Through these three methods , as long as a wave is formed , the atoms between the metal composite plate powders at the interface can contract , so that the composite plate has a high interface strength , and can complete the processing parameters in a wide range , which is an idea combination.


The appearance of the second shift , external double- layer stainless steel composite plate sowing scratches , and the depth of the roller printing shall not exceed half of the cladding , and tools can be used , such as grinding wheel , which shall be deleted , and the defect depth on the substrate shall not be greater than the thickness tolerance of the plate.


The appearance quality of stainless steel composite is better than that of grade 2 board with high fiber binder or hot rolling rules. Its total thickness is relatively thin ( especially with high fiber bond) . It is usually used in building decoration with good industrial appearance. For example , the appearance quality of stainless steel composite plate can completely meet the secondary requirements when it is used for petrochemical tank pipe, such as stainless steel composite plate. There is no special inspection method to inspect the appearance quality, and the manual visual inspection of stainless steel composite materials will inevitably lead to omissions. Therefore , operators must be patient and careful enough to ensure that the percentage of goods is qualified.

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