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How to judge the quality of color steel plate?
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Color steel plate teaches you how to judge the quality of color steel plate. With the increasing demand of color steel plate in the market in recent years, how to choose a better quality color steel plate is one of the problems faced by many people. Also in order to let more people can receive a simple understanding of the quality of color steel plate materials. About people’s understanding and choices, this may match help. Because of the following specific reasons.


1. See the thickness coating or lamination of color steel plate. Compared with the substrate thickness and quality, the coating of color steel plate is only 0.02~0.03mm , and the thickness coating is usually slightly less than 0.15mm. Compared with the low-quality color steel plate steel substrate and often color steel plate layer or lamination fabrication, it is usually used to reduce the thickness of steel substrate , spray some coated steel substrate or use very thick coating. So as to affect the integrity of color steel plate.


2. Check whether the color steel plate has exposed steel joints, such as small crystal , gray, dark color and impurities. If the section is crystalline, the quality is excellent.


3. It is one of the important factors to distinguish the quality of color steel plate that the better color steel plate has obvious metal sound, sonorous, dull lean material and no obvious metal sound.


4. Dont think that the lower the price , the better. There is a little price of goods. As the saying goes, as long as you buy the wrong thing, dont sell the wrong thing


5. It is very important to care about the service quality and understand the charging standard of accessories, because some business collect money in the market , after sales service and quality commitment are in words.


Doing these five things will also help us to purchase color steel plates. It can also help us choose high-quality products.


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