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Pay attention to sandwich panel
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Through the previous introduction. T believe that you are familiar with the sandwich panel. Because of its advantages, the use of sandwich panel is becoming more and more popular, and more and more customers purchase sandwich panel. But do you know what problems need to be noted  in the transportation process of sandwich panel ? the staff of Changzhou Dingang steel plate company will give you a brief introduction.


The selection of vehicles for transporting the sandwich panel shall be based on the specification and size of the wall panel in the machine room. Generally, large special trailers are used for transportation.


What problems should be paid attention to when transporting sandwich panels?


When loading the sandwich panel wall panel, the wall panel and accessories of the machine room shall be separately assembled in advance according to the model, type and other conditions, and shall be bound firmly and stably to prevent the metal surface from being worn or scratched.


During the transportation of the sandwich panel, the wall panel of the machine room shall be stably and firmly bound on the vehicle, and temporary fixing measures such as wooden wedges shall be used to avoid the looseness and extrusion deformation caused by the shaking of the vehicle body, so as to reduce the probability of metal surface wear or scratch.


When transporting the sandwich panel, pay attention to whether the height of the transport panel exceeds the length of the trailer, and carry out the corresponding anti overturning work.


When the sandwich board is bound to the car, angle steel or angle iron of the same board length shall be placed at the corner of both sides of the wall board of the top machine room, so as to evenly distribute the pressure of rope binding,so as to avoid damaging the edge of the wall board of the machine room by grinding ( concare pressing ) due to the pressure concentration.


The above is the introduction of sandwich panel related content, I hope to be able to help you.


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