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The function and characteristic of treating agent for coated plate
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With the increasingly high requirements for anti-corrosion ability and coating effect in metallurgy, construction , automobile, home appliances and other industries, the high-speed development of Chinas color coated plate industry and continuous hot-dip galvanizing industry of steel strip is promoted ,especially the color coated plate manufacturing process saves degreasing (pickling ,alkali washing, washing), film-forming (phosphating, passivation, washing) and coating(primer, baking the operation and working time of finish paint ) can save the pretreatment cost, coating cost, pretreatment equipment and coating equipment cost, workshop investment cost, etc., improve the processing environment and labor conditions of workers, which are widely welcomed by many manufacturing industries, and further promote the rapid development of color coating industry.


Due to the great difference between the continuous hot-dip galvanizing process and the color coated plate manufacturing process and the traditional process of first processing and then coating, the degreaser, the conversion solution and the passivator used have special functions and their own characteristics. In this paper, the pretreatment of the continuous hot-dip galvanizing process and the color coated plate as well as the functions and characteristics of the special treatment agent used, namely the strip treatment agent,are introduced.


In order to remove the greasy dirt,rust and dust on the surface of the substrate used for continuous hot galvanizing and color coating of steel strip, and form a good substrate suitable for continuous hot galvanizing and coil coating of steel strip, so as to ensure that the hot galvanizing plate and color coating plate have good corrosion resistance and adhesion, chemical treatment must be carried out before hot galvanizing or coating materials. We call the chemical treatment agent used in the process of continuous hot-dip galvanizing and color coating of steel strip as the special treatment agent for strip, which includes strip degreaser, strip conversion solution and strip passivator.


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