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How to distinguish color steel plate quality?
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Color steel plate refers to color coated steel plate. Color coated steel plate is a kind of steel plate with organic coating. Color steel plate is divided into single plate, color steel composite plate, floor bearing plate,etc. It is widely used in the walls and roofs of large-scale public buildings, public workshops, movable plank houses and integrated houses.


1. Observe the thickness of substrate and film


Color steel plate is composed of base plate and color peritoneum or coating. First of all, we have to consider the thickness of the substrate and the peritoneum coating. A better color steel plate substrate is 0.02~0.05mm, and the coating or coating thickness is usually less than 0.15mm. Because the thickness of the base plate is very important in terms of the use time of the color steel plate. However , some manufacturers of color steel plate often make hands and feet on the substrate and the coating or film of color steel plate. They reduce the thickness of the substrate, but increase the thickness of the peritoneum to reduce the production cost of color steel plate, which greatly reduces the service life of color steel plate.


2. Observe the leakage edge of color steel plate


When I get a color steel plate, I will first observe whether the exposed steel of color steel plate, such as cross section, is crystallized and dense, grey dark and impurity. If the section is crystal fine, the quality is better.


3. Listen to the voice


Use your fingers or hand objects to knock on the color steel plate. If the material of color steel plate is poor, the sound is dull, the metal sound is not obvious, and the metal sound of color steel plate with better material is loud and clear.


4. Check the quality certificate of color steel plate


Whether there are inspection standards of relevant departments. If possible, try to visit the manufacturer of color steel plate. See how the environment of the enterprise is and whether it is formal. Ask about the reputation of this enterprise in the market.


5. Look at the price


Everything is a penny a penny. When we compare the quality of color steel plate, the price is on the one hand, but we should not pay attention to the price. If the price of one kind of color steel plate is much lower than others, then we should pay attention to it.


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