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Construction essentials of steel tile roofing
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When we carry out the construction of color steel tile roof, we must follow certain requirements to complete it to ensure the smooth completion of the construction. In the operation, we must master and understand some matters. Let’s understand the following :


1. Since the roof slope is large and there are many ridges, the elevation of the roof ridge, cornice, dormer window, starting and ending points of the catchment(Branch) water line and other parts must be accurately controlled during the construction process; the positioning of the starting and ending points of the slope internal corner line, the slope external corner line, the cornice line, the corner point and the catchment (Branch) water line must be accurate; pay attention to the construction safety when erecting and removing the scaffold, and ensure the correct construction Regular progress.


2. The roof slope is relatively large. During the base treatment and tile hanging, safety technical disclosure and safety protection measures must be made to the workers strictly.


3. The arrangement of color steel tiles shall be strictly controlled. The internal corners,external corners, end tiles and the junction with the roof structure shall be handled well to prevent water leakage.


4. Safety guardrail and safety net or other protective measures againts falling must be set around the roof and reserved holes.


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