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What are the common problems of color steel sandwich panel?
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1. Color steel sandwich panel composition?


The color steel sandwich panel is composed three parts: upper and lower two formed steel plates, the middle core panel (including rock wool,polyphenyl and polyurethane) is 50 mm/75mm/100mm thick, and the steel strips on both sides. It is mainly used as the wall board and roof board of the activity room and various large workshops. The color profiled plate is an integral part of the sandwich panel, namely, the upper and lower two profiled steel plates. It is generally used as enclosure of mobile room, construction site and warehouse panel. 950 type rock wool wall sandwich panel composite board is used for the project wall, 960 type rock wool roof sandwich panel composite board color steel sandwich panel is used for the roof.


2. What kind of color steel sandwich board can be divided?


More than ten kinds. Glass magnesium sandwich panels, rock wool sandwich panels, aluminum honeycomb sandwich panels, polyurethane sandwich panels, paper honeycomb sandwich panels, foam sandwich panels, glass magnesium grid sandwich panels, glass magnesium rock wool sandwich panels, glass magnesium aluminum honeycomb sandwich panels, glass magnesium foam sandwich panels, glass magnesium polyurethane sandwich panels, and other core materials can be customized.


3. What is the thickness of color steel sandwich panel steel plate?


The steel plate is generally 0.2mm-0.6mm, which is selected according to different requirements.


4. Advantages of color steel sandwich panel?


The color steel sandwich panel is widely used in the field of activity room due to its advantages of easy installation, light weight, high efficiency, convenient transportation and short construction period.


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