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The construction flow of multilayer steel structure factory
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In the case that the limited floor space can not meet the requirements of modern industrial production, many enterprises choose to build multi-storey steel structure workshops. But most of them are only built to 2-3layers. The advantage of doing so is to integrate a coherent production relationship and make full use of the advantages of three-dimensional space. Unlike single-layer steel structure workshop, which occupies most of the ground area, it can save a lot of building area.


Today, lets talk about the construction process of multi-storey steel structure workshop. First of all, whether it is a high-rise or a single-layer building, before construction, we must first develop a process flow chart, determine the installation sequence of components, and construct in sections. The construction of steel structure workshop is naturally inseparable from the crane , no matter single or multi-layer.


Therefore, the second thing we need to pay attention to is that the crane can not be overloaded. When the lifting capacity allows, the assembly work can be completed on the ground. We need to avoid working at heights as much as possible.


Before the installation of the steel structure workshop, the installation flow section shall be divided according to the structural form of the building and the site construction conditions. The installation process shall be developed symmtrically from the middle to the surrounding , and the welding sequence shall be established vertically according to the process flow. After the installation of each floor beam of a section of column, the stairs and floor bearing plates shall be installed immediately, and the load on the floor bearing plates shall be installed immediately, and the load on the floor bearing plates shall not exceed the load of the house. Finally, the concrete construction and component installation on the floor bearing plate are carried out.


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