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C-section steel belongs to high efficiency and economic profile
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C-section steel is not channel steel, and C-section steel is a high-efficiency and economic profile ( there are other cold-formed thin-wall sections, profiled steel plates, etc.) due to its reasonable section shape. Improve the ability of accepting and cutting. C-section steel has reasonable series of series of sizes and complete models, which is convenient for design and selection. Its beautiful appearance, reasonable structure and beautiful tile shape are highly praised by color steel products industry and foreign merchants.


Working procedure of manual placing and taking: before using the C-beam equipment, check whether all connections are firm. The C-beam machine automatically cuts off and automatically punches holes, which has reached the advanced level of the same industry. The products sell well all over the country. For the tile, press industry, different fine molecular industries have different impacts on the rise of steel prices.


At present, the hot rolled C-section steel for construction in China mainly uses ordinary carbon steel grade A and grade 3. The C-section steel is charcterized by easy smelting, low cost, moderate strength, good plasticity and weldability, which is suitable for construction engineering.


Most of the hot-rolled C-sections of low alloy steel are hot-rolled deformed bars and C-sections rolled with 16Mn, but less of the deformed section C-sections are used. Compared with the common I-beam, H-beam has the advantages of large section modulus, light weight, low steel consumption, and easy combination and connecion with other components.


In China, hot-rolled section steel has become one of the most widely used materials in all kinds of infrastructure construction, and various hot-rolled sections are widely used in machinery,chemical industry, shipbuilding, mining,petroleum and railway departments. In the construction engineering, the hot-rolled section steel is mainly used for the load-bearing framework of industrial and civil buildings,bridges,tower and most structures, high-voltage transmission line supports,etc.


A variety of geometic section shapes rolled from heated billets. According to the different shapes of section, it can be divided into three sections: simple section, complex section or special section and periodic section. ① The characteristic of a simple section is that the tangent line made at any point around the section is generally not interested in the section, such as round steel, square steel, hexagonal steel, flat steel, triangular steel, bow steel and elliptical steel, etc; The complex section includes angle steel, I-beam, channel steel, T-beam, H-beam, Z-beam, steel rail,steel sheet pile,window frame steel and other miscellaneous section steel; ③ the periodic section is the periodic change of the shape and size of the section along the steel length direction, such as threaded steel bar, axle and plowshare steel. According to the size of section of C-section steel, it can be divided into three types: large section steel, medium section steel and small section steel.     


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