Heat Insulated Steel Series
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    Heat Insulating Anti-corrosive Steel coil
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High Indensity Heat Insulation steel plate(boards) 

The heat Insulation effect can be applied to both top face and bottom face, normally only top face is workable enough. Compare with regular prepainted steel plate, the one face heat insulation prepainted steel plate can decrease the temperature between 18~ 25 degree centigrade. And the cost of High Indensity Heat Insulation Plate is half the cost lower than the Two layer sandwich panel. 


thickness: 0.2-0.5mm

width: 600-1250mm 

length: any length 

Base Material : Prepainted Steel plate 


Nano microporous insulation material is widely used in following sectors: 

1. Industrial furnaces (all types of industrial furnaces, including shuttle kiln, rotary kiln, Kao Hua furnace, etc.) 

2. Smelting industry (steel, aluminum, furnace, holding furnace, etc.) 

3.Instrumentation (Temperature Tracker, heat registers, data recording and protection device, electric ceramic heaters, etc.) 

4.Petrochemical (pipe insulation, high-temperature reactor, pyrolysis furnace, etc.)

Heat Insulation anti-corrosive steel coil

Heat Insulation anti-corrosive steel sheet

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