Why Color Coated Aluminium Waterfall System Can Be Widely Used in The Building Materials Industry
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Why Color Coated Aluminium Waterfall System Can Be Widely Used in The Building Materials Industry

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Architectural rainwater drainage system, also known as architectural roof rainwater drainage system, consists of roof gutter, rainwater pipe and related components, can collect roof rainwater, organised rainwater reasonably discharged from the building, so as to complete the roof rainwater discharge at the same time well protect the external surface of the house and the foundation, as far as possible to prolong the service life of the building, and at the same time also play a certain decorative and aesthetic effect.

From the material points, by the PVC building water system, coloured aluminium building water system two kinds, coloured aluminium water system in North America and Europe has been widely used, has a history of half a century, since 2005 or so was introduced into the domestic market, due to the more durable, beautiful, easy to install, cost-effective, has become one of the building materials of the domestic building.

Why coloured aluminium waterfall system can be widely used in the building materials industry?

first of all, it is reflected in its following production characteristics:

1.By the electrostatic powder coating process to provide high-quality protection performance and decorative effect, flexible personalised production customisation services;

2.Roller coating aluminium sheet roller pressing process provides high efficiency in mass production and stable and consistent surface effect;

3.Seamless rainwater pipes are of better quality and cost-effective, with no worries about leakage and deformation;

4.Seamless rainwater pipes offer economical and flexible processing characteristics and edge nibbling effects;

The integration of any angle elbow, S elbow and waistline bend fully guarantees installation reliability;

5.Individualised colour customisation, and building colour matching natural coordination, showing the builder's intention to create;

6.Flexible accessories and factory personalised design and production, at any time to solve the special requirements of the installation site;

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Secondly, it is reflected in the advantages of the colour aluminium waterfall system in use:

1.Fine workmanship atmosphere, easy and quick installation;

2.Durable, the surface of the oil antioxidant layer, not easy to oxidation does not rust, has a very high corrosion resistance, the colour is pure and does not fade;

3.Double multi-point fixing, rivets + sealant double fixing, not afraid of typhoon vibration, stable and assured;

4.Hard material, high security, the overall structural limit bearing 260KG/m;

5.Green environmental protection, manganese aluminium alloy can be recycled, the surface powder coating, strong adhesion;

6.Various styles, can meet the needs of the public, support any colour and size specification customization;


Installation of the waterfall system in order to beautiful need to pay attention to:

1.Falling water installation must be installed to ensure that the guttering and downpipe "horizontal and vertical", otherwise it will affect the aesthetics;

2.Installation must pay attention to details, such as the accuracy of the material cutting size, material cutting to ensure that the cut stubble turned to the inside of the gutter, so that the seams will be more beautiful. In the connection to ensure that the joints are tight before riveting, pull rivets should be coated with the same colour as the guttering with the matching paint and so on;

3.The location of the fabric pipes should be in harmony with the façade;

4.Waistline should pay attention to the details;

Now in order to pursue the noble quality of life and reflect the ingenuity of the builder, colour aluminium waterfall system is more and more widely used, is slowly approaching thousands of households.

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