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Common Quality Problem Of Pre-painted Steel Product --- Wave Edge
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Because of high mechanical strength,easy formation,excellent decorative and corrosion resistance,pre-painted steel products is very popular material in current world.In rapid developing industrial city,color coated steel material plays a vitally important role in the building constructions. 


But many quality problems would occur during the production of pre-painted steel products.One of the common quality problems is wave edge. 


And here has two different situations,one is born of base material itself,another is issued from the coating process. 


The elongation of the other parts of the rolling roll in the middle or opposite sides is too large, which will generate waves, mainly because the roll crown does not match the rolling force, the bending roll is not adjusted well, the local cooling is not enough, and the plate has excessive convexity deviation. Etc. 


The reason for wave edge of color coated steel is generally that the hot-dip galvanized sheet is not pulled and properly corrected by the tension correction, or the roller is broken, or the roller has unevenness in the production process of the color-coated plate, which is also called edge wave.How to solve the problem,perform secondary tensioning then shaping,that would be ok. 


If after coating process of bulk production,it would be in futility with the subsequent roll flattening or other methods to solve the quality problem. 


It’s very very important to choose a reliable and responsible supplier to purchasing agent in construction industry. 


Changzhou Dingang Metal Material Co.,Ltd has been in the line for many years and is known as one of the leading exporters of pre-painted metal material in China,which own full automatic color coating production lines of steel products with output of 500,000 tons/year and six pre-painted aluminum production lines with output of 300,000 tons/year. 


Many landmark construction building projects worldwide use our metal products as main body material. 


Choose Dingang that is to choose high quality metal products.

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