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Side Open Container
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Recently,one of our clients who come from Canada purchase some pre-painted galvanized steel plate sheet material from our mill.But the width is not very regular in China.So the customer need us to arrange the side open container to load the material for them to easy unload in their local port. 

Now let’s see what’s the side open container.

Front End 

The front end will be composed of front end frame and corrugated front panel, which are welded together as a sub-assembly. 

1.Front End FrameThe front end frame will be composed of two corner posts, one top end rail (sub-assembly), one front bottom rail and four corner castings. 

1.1 Front Corner PostEach corner post is made of a 6.0 mm thick section steel pressing to ensure the suitable strength, light-weight and easy maintenance. 

1.2 Top End Rail (sub-assembly)The front top end rail is constructed with steel square tube lower part and steel plate upper part. The upper part is extended inwards of the container certain distance with full width from front part of top corner castings. 

1.3 Front Bottom RailThe front bottom rail is of 4.0 mm pressed steel and formed into open sections. The front bottom rail has 3 pcs inner vertical stiffener. Two channel section steel recesses are provided adjacent to the bottom fitting to prevent damage due to any twistlock misalignment. 

2. Front PanelThe front panel is composed of steel sheet fully vertically corrugated into trapezium section, butt joint together to form one panel by means of automatic welding. 

1) DimensionExternal:  length:  6058mm   width: 2438mm   height: 2591mmInternal:  length:  5898mm   width: 2288mm   height: 2304mm 

2) WeightMax Gross Weight: 30480KgTare Weight: 3050 KgMax Payload: 27430Kg 

3) OpeningSide door : width: 5702mm  height: 2191mmEnd door : width: 2281mm  height: 2191mm

4) Cubic Capacity:31m3 

And catering to your special requirement, our factory also offer you the customized service. Welcome to enquiry us pre-painted aluminum and steel products.We would offer you our best quotation and service after receipting your detailed specification requirements.

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