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Protective Film Applied On The Surface Of Pre-painted Metal Products
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A series of protective film products are tailored for the surface protection of metal products,that can ensure the metal products are not damaged during production,processing,installation and transportation. 

PE Protective Film 

PE,the full title is Polyethylene,which is the simplest polymer organic compound.And meanwhile,it is the most widely used polymer material in the world now.PE protective film is based on special polyethylene (PE) plastic film. 

The biggest advantage of PE protective film is that can protect products free from pollution, corrosion and scratches in the process of production, transportation, storage and use, so as to protect the original clean and bright surface,improve product quality and market competitiveness. 

Common Problems With Protective Film 

  1. Difficult To Peel

    Products installed on stripping, protective film can't be effectively stripped, what’s the reason.It has two possibilities, one is protective film sensitive adhesive used for the product is not a special sensitive adhesive protective film, if so, the protective film on the paste when the effect is very good.Of course, but it will be very difficult in the shed, which is why some illegal protective film products manufacturers produced protective film of the most common problems.And there is also a possibility is used in protective film master material too soft, it can't bear the tension when the shed, when stripping appear rupture phenomenon, this is problem to let users feel headache.

  2. Insecure

    PE protective film and paste weak between protected products appear fall off phenomenon in the process of transport and use.Reasons for this problem to keep up with a question on the contrary, the biggest possibility is the sensitive adhesive used in protective film products in the production of insufficient.There is another possibility is that user to post mold molding machine used by the pressure is not enough, or the profile surface clean, no dust or paint, etc.,that influenced the sensitive adhesive paste effect.

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