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Color coated steel coil wood plate use notes
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The front of color coated steel coiled veneer products is the use of international advanced technology to stop disposal. The reverse side is coated with a reverse paint coating. Topcoat coatings can optimize the visual effect of the product appearance and play a role in maintaining the pattern.


Coatings with special properties can also be used for coatings on color coated steel coiled wood grain boards. They can also satisfy various special requirements, such as anti-fouling, self-cleaning, high temperature resistance, self-extingguishing, sterilization, non-sticking snow, fingerprint resistance and self-smoothness.


Changzhou Dingang color coated steel coiled wood grain plate and color aluminium plate are color coated plates with high weatherability, high corrosion resistance, high punchability and high naturalness, which are processed and consumed by special roll coating process. They can stop deep processing by mechanical equipment, and can be punched, bended, crimped calendered, bonded and riveted, etc. After processing, they are mate into reasonable products. The color-coated steel coiled wood grain board has strong applicability and decoration. It has restrained the defects of film-covering, color-changing and aging of transfer printing pattern board, scattered layers and poor appearance. It has the advantages of time-saving, labor-saving, low production cost, non-fading, anti-aging, fire prevention and rain prevention. Its economic recovery and regeneration make peoples living environment fashionable and beautiful, green and environmental protection.


2. Notices for the Use of Color Coated Coiled Wood Grained Board

(1) If piercing and trimming are needed in operation, the exposed section formed by piercing and trimming should be supplemented with anti-rust measures to prevent corrosion.

(2) When the rolling equipment is used to stop processing, it is necessary to prevent sharp tool bruising excessive stamping and elongation.

Opening and handling in the filed should prevent collision, folding and rubbing with each other to avoid damage to the appearance.   

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