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Features and application range of galvanized C-section steel
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The size of galvanized C-section steel can be adjusted when used. To a certain extent, it has the advantages of high compressive strength. Although cold-formed section steel has light end size and weight, it conforms to the mechanical characteristics of roof purlin to a certain extent. Various accessories can be connected to different combinations, beautiful appearance , the use of steel purlins , can reduce the weight of building roofs , reduce the use of steel projects , so it is called economic and efficient steel , it a new building material for replacing angle steel ,channel steel , steel pipe and other traditional steel truss.


 Galvanized C-beams are widely used in purlin and wall beams of steel structures , and can be combined into light roof frames , brackets and other building components. In addition , it can also be used for columns ,beams, arms, etc.


Galvanized C-section steel has smooth surface ,strong adhesion, high dimensional accuracy , and is packaged with zinc layer. Its surface zinc content is usually 120-275 g/m2. It has long service life , corrosion resistance and durability. It is a galvanized C-type steel plate with the strongest protection .


Galvanized C-section steel is automatically processed by C-section steel forming machine. C-shaped steel forming machine can automatically complete the forming process of C-shaped steel according to the given size of C-shaped steel. Feed (1)-Straightening(2)-Shape(3)-Shape(4)-Straightening(5)-Measuring(6)-Punching Support Circular Hole(7)-Punching Connection Hole -Forming Cutting Pet -Name Ruby Galvanized C Payment.


C-section steel is hot -rolled strip processed by cold bending. It has thin wall, light weight,excellent cross-section performance and high strength. Compared with traditional channel steel , it can save 30% material under the same strength. The bolt is used for fastening, the installation is convenient and quick,and the problem of thermal expansion and cold contraction is solved.


Galvanized C-section steel adopts high quality Q235 hot -rolled strip wit galvanizing capacity up to 250g. It has higher strength and better corrosion resistance than common C-section steel. Its service life under the same conditions is more than twice that of common C-section steel.   

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