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What should be paid attention to when painting color steel plate
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     Coloured steel plate is not unfamiliar to us. Now many construction sites, factories and so on are living colored steel plate buildings. This kind of construction is convenient and economical. The only problem we need to pay attention to is to do a good job of fire prevention measures. Sometimes we live in the color steel building for a long time , maybe we need to brush the color steel plate with a layer of paint, so what problems should we pay attention to when brushing? Let’s have a look.


1. The color steel plate is dried for 2-3hours ,then coated with ice paint again, and then coated again after 3 hours.

2. The roof groove tile and the side tile of the roof tile can be used for two times to prevent water seepage and water flooding.

3. Remove the original high-gloss silicome rubber sealing strip of color steel plate, make the joint of steel plate neat, and the construction surface dry and clean.

4. The gab between lap joint is more than 5mm-30mm. If the bonding needs to be strengthened, Please add a layer of alkali-resistant polyester cloth, and then apply waterproof glue paint three times after 3hours.

5. First coat with rubber paint, when brush the surface with alkali-resistant polyester cloth, and then coat with waterproof rubber paint.

6. Rivet pulling and tapping holes can be directly covered four times with a waterproof rubber brush. The thickness of the hole is about 1.5mm and the diameter is about 50mm. The next time the film is brushed,it will not stick.


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