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Reasons for roof penetration of color steel composite board
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Color steel composite board has the advantages of convenient construction, high strength and beautiful appearance, so it is often used in the roof of buildings. But in practice, leakage is found, which has a lot to do with the details of the device. Generally speaking, the leakage of color steel composite plate roof is mainly caused by shelf tapping screw, color steel plate lap joint, roof ridge tile, pop rivets, deformation caused by people on the roof, rain proof glue falling from decoration parts such as daylighting windows, etc. The corresponding leakage points can be divided into the following points:

1. Water leakage at roof screws and fasteners. This phenomenon mainly occurs in the double-layer color steel plate and the single- layer color steel plate roof. During the construction process, the tapping force is too heavy and light, and the self screw is biased and shewed, etc., which may cause the self tapping rubber gasket to deform, fall or form a concave surface, resulting in the water leakage of the roof and the accumulation of heat preservation cotton, resulting in more water leakage. In addition, the position of self tapping wire is not correct, the purlin under the color steel plate is missed and the hole is directly formed, which is also one of the important reasons for water leakage. This kind of water leakage may not be very significant in the roof structure of single-layer color steel plate without thermal insulation system. The main reason is that the rainwater leaks directly through the parts touched by steel plate and purlin, and does not necessarily drip rapidly.


2. There is water leakage at the overlap of color steel plate. The horizontal and vertical lap joints and the lap joints of color steel composite plates are prone to water leakage. If the tile wave is too low or the rainfall is too large, it is easy to form a large area of water leakage, and it is not easy to detect the water leakage point. Once it is hard to maintain, this situation is more common in the arc roof. The main reason is that the lap between the two plates is not tight, and the self tapping wire is not filled to form a gap,etc.


3. The roof tiles are leaking. In the construction of light steel structure roof, water leakage caused by roof ridge tile is also a common phenomenon. In the dry season, especially when there is a large amount of rain, the splash of rain water passes through the joint of two color steel composite plates at the lower part of the ridge tile, forming a large area area of leakage.

According to the reasons of these leakage,waterproof treatment is carried out at the joints of roof screws and fasteners, color steel composite plates and roof ridge tiles. The construction process is : finishing the bottom layer painting the bottom layer to treat the waterproof material construction of additional reinforcement layer painting the waterproof coating.


If the leakage of color steel composite board roof is not handled and repaired in time, it may bring more things if the time is long, reduce its service life and increase its cost. If you want to solve this problem fundamentally, you must pay attention to the details of each device during installation.          


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