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Introduction to the laying of steel tiles and the use of special nails
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We often see that color steel tile is used in building, its color is changeable, and new color is built. Of course, its price is relatively high to get rid of its appearance, but some users react to laying and using special nails together, and look forward to your attention.


1. Correct laying method:

The roof length shall not exceed 15m, and the color steel tile shall be laid by overlapping;


The roof is more than 15m long, and staggered pavement is adopted.


2. Use the special nail method:


The special nails must be nailed from the lower end of the color steel tile to the roof to ensure the appearance, sealing and tidiness.


Special nails must be driven in the middle of the tile bone to play its waterproof role.

The special nail spacing is fixed, and the horizontal and longitudinal control is 0.5 to 1 m.


Through the above analysis, we use color steel tile, pay attention to laying and using special nails, this competition will be stable material performance, and can not make it look bad, here small editor recommends using the front Kanban surface whether there are cracks, if not check in the use process, it is easy to have problems, affect our work progress.          


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