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Installation of flashing board on color steel sheet roof
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I believe that you are very familiar with color steel plate, after all, it is very common in our life, and also used a lot of advantages to get the approval of consumers. Today, I will introduce the installation of color steel plate roof water plate.

The junction of color steel plate roof, external wall and protruding roof structure shall be subject to flood treatment. The height of flood slab shall not be less than 300mm. The flush plate and the wall pressure roof shall be overlapped with water. The direction of water shall not be less than one wave crest width during the longitudinal overlap. The sealant through the length shall be set between the two plates for sealing treatment; after the blot is fastened, the lap joint shall be fixed on the support with self tapping waterproof gasket. The transverse lap width shall not be less than 200mm, and the formed rubber waterproof pad (KL plate top seal) shall be used to fill the gap between the flashing plate and the roof color steel plate.

1) Tubular penetration: first of all, according to the design of location and hole size of color steel plate, a cylinder sleeve with manufacturers support for production flange is fixed on color steel plate, the middle point component of sleeve overlaps with the through roof, the hole position of sleeve flange shall be completely covered, and then the separate steel flange sleeve flange with black rivet is used, and the flange and socket flange or color steel plate pipe are sealed with special sealant. Then fix the cone cover with the fastening ring and seal it at the wearing part of the roof structure, so as to form a gap between the roof and the sleeve, so as to facilitate the thermal expansion displacement of the roof structure.

2) Roof outlet fan hole : because the roof outlet component will cut off the steel plate drainage ditch and block the drainage direction, it is necessary to set special floot at the protruding roof component for drainage. First , install the color steel plate terminal frame on the gutter top, then fix the drainage chassis, seal the gap between the color steel plate rib and the drainage floor with a special rubber plug, seal with a special sealant, and then install the flashing water plate. The above method is used to seal the joint between the flood plate, the drainage chassis and the color steel plate. The height of flood slab and overlapping width of color steel plate are the same as that of gable.

The length of steel plate between expansion joints of color steel plate of concealed roof shall not exceed 35m. the method is as follows: raise all purlins of color steel plate depth. At the height difference, the overlapping length of roof color steel plate shall not be less than 250mm. After installation , the joints between flood control board, ridge cover plate and color steel plate shall be sealed with weather resistant sealant. At exposed self tapping screws are protected by stain sealing material. When blind rivets are used, the hollow part shall be filled with sealant.                

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