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How to cooperate with the construction of color steel tile ?
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In the actual installation and construction process, the color steel tile needs to be installed with its sealing strip, ridge tile and eaves cover, so that it can be firmly installed on the roof , playing the effect of waterproof and other excellent performance. So how to use sealing strip, ridge tile and eaves cover?

1. The sealing strip is divided into two halves and pressed against the shape of color steel tile on the roof to cover the ridge tile and fix it with special nails.

2. The joint of side tiles shall be sealed with cement and then directly covered with ridge tiles, and the bottom of ridge tiles shall be closed with small tiles.

3. The lower end of the colored steel tile , the eaves, is directly installed with the eaves cover and fixed with screws.

4. At the junction of the back tile, the control interface shall be clipped and overlapped with scissors sealed with glass glue.

Therefore , although the color steel tile itself has a very high performance advantage, it still needs to cooperate with the effect of other parts in order to give full play to it. Therefore , it is not only necessary to correctly install the color pressed tile, but also to correctly install the color pressed tile, but also to correctly install other parts, so as to better assist the stable play of its effect.

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