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Design and use of anodized aluminum curtain wall
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When we are decorating, we now use anodized aluminum curtain wall. In the past, it was made of wood, but that material is easily corroded, and the decorative effect is not as good as metal. As we demand for it, More different models have been produced, some can be used on exterior walls and some are used indoors. With people's understanding of this material, they have been used more.

If the anodized aluminum curtain wall is used in the building, it can play a very good decorative effect. Not only that, it has many functions. For example, it is not easy to react with it in fire protection, and it can also resist corrosion. This is other metal materials. What is not available, the production cost is low, so it has been widely used now. It is a cost-effective curtain wall decoration material and many designers like to use it.

Sometimes we need some special shapes. This can be customized. The anodized aluminum  curtain wall is good for its ductility and can be processed with some tools. Finding a professional manufacturer can also produce aluminum plates of different thicknesses. convenient. Environmentally friendly materials are what we need. In modern decoration, we should use environmentally friendly decorative materials, so that there is no harm to our health. This kind of curtain wall meets people's needs because it will not release other substances. It has a layer of oxide film on the outside, which can effectively prevent the aluminum plate from being corroded. It is the best to make curtain walls. It can be used for a long life. The better the quality, it can be used for more than ten years. This is for our home life. Said to be relatively economical, this is also the best material for curtain wall production.

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