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Brushed (hair line) anodized aluminum used in Luggage
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Luggage is a tool that many people need to use. It can be used to hold more things, such as daily necessities, clothes, toothbrushes, hangers, computers, etc., and can all be stored in luggage. Sometimes a family travels, even more Need a big bag to meet people's needs. There are many kinds of materials for making luggage. For example, brushed aluminum sheet is one of them. Some luggage that looks very fashionable and high-grade are actually made of this material.

In fact, there are many kinds of materials for making bags. For example, some bags are made of PVC plastic. PVC is also a material with good hardness. It can withstand the impact of external force and can be used for a long time without damage to the bag. It is more durable and more important. The thing is, its price is relatively low, and it can produce more competitive luggage, but it has a shortcoming that the appearance of the produced luggage is not good enough, without gloss and fashion sense. The luggage made of brushed aluminum not only has the effect of anti-oxidation and acid and alkali corrosion resistance, but also has a fashionable and modern appearance, which can satisfy people's pursuit of the appearance of luggage. Therefore, some manufacturers will also adopt this Various materials to make bags.

Although compared with PVC materials, the cost of using brushed anodized aluminum to make bags is higher, resulting in higher prices than other materials, but its advantages are also obvious. One of them is long-term use. The appearance is also glossy, and the appearance will remain unchanged. At the same time, its appearance is full of fashion. Many people will prefer bags made of this material, so it is best to use it to make bags.

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