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Good cleaning method to make the mirror aluminum plate bright as new
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At present, people's living standards are getting higher and higher, and the requirements for life are also rising day by day. In terms of daily use items, I also hope to be more beautiful and beautiful. Mirror aluminum plate is such a good material, which plays a very important role in interior decoration. At the same time, this product is very light in weight, does not rust, and is resistant to dirt. People also like it. After the product is made, or when it is used in what place, how to do the daily cleaning work?

If the mirrored aluminum plate is used on the exterior wall, the environment is usually harsh, so the frequency of cleaning should be a little higher, and it can be cleaned once in about 5 years. This is a high-altitude operation and needs to pay attention to ensuring personal safety. When cleaning, what kind of cleaning agent is better to choose? Although the corrosion resistance is better, if you use a cleaner with a higher degree of alkalinity to clean, it is easy to damage, so you still need to choose a product with a more mild nature. For the kind of dirty things, especially when there is dirt on it, you can rinse with clean water first when cleaning, and rinse repeatedly. Do not use hard things to rub repeatedly, which will easily cause damage to the mirror's damage. When cleaning indoors, you also need to pay attention. First wipe with detergent, then clean with water, and finally dry it naturally, or wipe it off with a clean towel.

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