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Introduction and scope of application of anodized hair line aluminum sheet
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The application of anodized hair line aluminum sheet in our lives is very common, and as a new type of processing technology, it has many advantages. Its entire process is very complicated, which can make the surface of the aluminum plate have a metal Film, and as a special processing and manufacturing, it can make the surface of aluminum appear very shiny and high-end. In addition, its corrosion resistance is extremely good. It not only looks very fashionable but also has technological elements in it. And this is why this material is popular.

The aluminum anodized aluminum sheet has rich colors, the most common silver color, and the color suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The suitable color is made according to the customer's sample, the place of use and the rendering.

Moreover, the application range of this kind of anodized hair line aluminum sheet is also very wide, it is very common in daily life, and the price is relatively cheap compared with other decoration materials. In terms of application in life, the more common places are lighting lamps and some lamps. In decoration, because it is a new type of material, it is widely used in lamps and lanterns. In addition, some electronic product shells and furniture kitchens have also been used, as well as some decorations like inside and outside cars. This kind of anodized hair line aluminum sheet appears on the luggage.

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