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Alumina curtain material is environmentally ?
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At present, many public entertainment venues need to pay attention to environmental protection issues when they are undergoing renovation. We will find that many public places must be approved by fire protection during the renovation process. Otherwise, if the fire-fighting performance cannot be guaranteed, then in the process of use, it may cause greater later hazards. In addition, during the decoration process, because it belongs to a public place, all products used should be environmentally friendly products. Otherwise, because there are a lot of people, there will be various entertainments, which will cause great harm to people's health.

In fact, in many public places nowadays, alumina curtain wall is chosen when decorating. So in the process of using this material, is it also an environmentally friendly product? We will find that this material is not only an environmentally friendly material, but also a fire-fighting product during use. When the alumina curtain wall is in use, if we burn it at a high temperature, we will find that it will not have any problems below 700 degrees. And even if it burns, it will not produce any toxic gas.

So now many public places, when decorating, will choose this material for use. In addition, in the process of decorating the alumina curtain wall, different designers can change its shape according to different styles. Because of its high hardness, its shape is also very changeable during the modeling process. When in use, various shapes can be made according to the designer's inspiration.

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