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Mirror aluminum looks fashion decorate in house
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The screen has a long history and has existed since the Zhou Dynasty. It can be seen in buildings and literary works of the past dynasties. In modern times, people often use screens, either for decoration, or to achieve a certain feng shui purpose, or to partition space. However, if it is used for decoration, the use of mirrored aluminum to make screens look fashion, and at the same time, it can better decorate the room.

Although there are many materials for making screens at present, such as wood, such as steel, etc., although the screen made of wood tends to give people an antique feeling, the wood itself is easily damp, susceptible to insects, and not easy to preserve. Not durable, coupled with the shortage of wood resources, the price is more expensive. And if you use steel or iron to make the screen, although it has a modern feel, due to the limitations of the material itself, they cannot bring more decorative effects to the screen. On the contrary, the cold appearance makes people respect it. . In addition to cost considerations, the most important thing about using mirrored alumina as a screen is that it can create a good stylish and atmospheric screen. This is because it has a more fashionable atmosphere and the appearance of the mirror looks very modern. It is even more used for making screens.

In addition, the mirror surface aluminum itself is not easy to oxidize, and it is not easy to break. The aluminum oxide board is not easy to be corroded by acid-base substances and moisture in the air. It is more durable and conducive to long-term storage. At the same time, the visual effect of the mirror surface is used to make screens. It is in line with the decorative performance of the screen, and it is the most suitable for making screens.

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