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what is Aluminum Anodizing process
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Anodization as an electrochemical process,a dense oxide layer is formed on the aluminum-Aluminum Oxide(Al2O3) is a chemical structure that never changes, Has the highest hardness among oxides.

At the same time, its weather resistance is also excellent

Even if the oxide layer is exposed to a fire, the aluminum will melt and the oxide layer will not change.

Surface hardness

The commonly used pencil hardness test method:

A pencil with a hardness of 9H (the highest hardness pencil in the laboratory)

Can not scratch the oxide film, that is, the hardness of the oxide film>9H。If the Mohs hardness is used to measure the hardness of the oxide film

(Mohs hardness is a standard that indicates the hardness of minerals,

It is also used to indicate the hardness of other materials. Divided into 1-10 levels).

The familiar diamond's Mohs hardness is 10.

The composition of the oxide layer Al2O3 and the Mohs hardness of sapphire.

Second only to diamonds, both are 9 grades.


After nearly 70 years of use experience at home and abroad

As long as normal cleaning and maintenance

Houses can last forever

Substrate quality

Anodized Aluminum Plate

Very high requirements for aluminum substrates

Hot-rolled-cold-rolled aluminum with guaranteed oxidation (AQ) must be selected

To ensure a delicate and delicate surface effect

If high gloss is required

The price and its expensive high-purity aluminum with aluminum content higher than 99.9 must be selected

If delicate texture is required

Need to choose the guaranteed oxide material of aluminum-magnesium alloy

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