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Recent development target
The Company will focus on galvanized steel coil and color coated steel plate production, continually take lead in China on the technology, output and sales volume of galvanized steel coil , color coated steel plate. Based on the existing foundation of galvanized steel coil, color coated steel plate, the Company will further integrate and optimize resources, reinforce the technical communication and cooperation with universities and colleges, automation research institutes, so as to make maximum use of new technology, new process to develop continually new products and new species, to expand the application areas of the products. Based on the leading position in building board market in China, the Company will increase types and sizes of the products, develop more highly value added products for automobile, household electric appliances and other industries, to guarantee that the profit grows constantly. The Company will positively prepare, develop and produce in trial color bimetal composite material, gradually get certain production capacity and market share, finally realize the strategic target with reasonable structure, i.e. producing both thin plate and medium plate, both domestic sales and export, both common products and high grade products. 

Development planning in next three years                    Unit:100 million Yuan


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