Anodized aluminum series
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    Anodized Aluminum
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Anodized aluminum coil is coated by anodized oxidation on aluminum coil surface to form a layer of AL2O3 protective film, a metal sense of strong, bright color, good decorative appearance, and the film never fall off, good wear resistance and corrosion resistance. The anodized aluminum coil has gradually replaced the aluminum plate and painting decorative version,and it  becomes mainstream products which are widely used in aluminum, integrated ceiling, lighting industry, electrical panels, computer chassis, solar heat reflective material, signs, bags, jewelry boxes, aluminum-plastic composite board, cabinet furniture panel.

Polular Color: the color of silver series titanium titanium silver series of alumina mainly titanium silver, matte, brushed, 


Anodized aluminum sheet can be  widely used to cover household appliances, decoration, building and other fields, such as integrated ceiling, lighting, household appliances, reflector panel electronic product shell, furniture, kitchen decoration, automobile and signs logo, bags, jewelry boxes, etc..

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