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    Heat Insulated steel coil
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The preference of Steel Structure factory roofing and wall/ Anti-Corrosion Prevention Heat Insulated steel Experts / Green Energy Conservation and Environment protection products Series – ‘Dingang’ Heat-insulation Anti-corrosive steel Plate.

The superiority of ‘Dingang’Heat-insulated steel coil,


By comparison testing of performance, the insulated effect of the factory building which used ‘Dingang’ Insulation material can achieve 15 degree or more because the high reflectivity of the material surface metal layer.

Acid and Alkali Resistance

In the acid properties, the use of anti-aging alloy metal film, the products of ‘Dingang’ can reach twice effect than ordinary color coated coil products. 

High Weatherability

The special metal alloy surface which passes the National Building Materials Testing Center of artificial aging test, the alloy layer maintains more than 82% reflectivity, and the anti-aging properties is superior to A-level standard.

Noise Reduction 

The metal composite layer surface effectively reduces the external noise. The noise insulation properties reduce 30dB compared with Pre-painted steel plate.

Fire Proofing Grade

A grade

Useful Life

The useful life is more than 15 years in no PH environment, and life can reach more than 10 years at pH environment.

Product Application

Plant, Insulation equipment, Airport station, Chemical station, Electrical Equipment fields.

Product Specification


Note: Special thickness , special width can be customized .



Construction sites, Activity room, Industrial plant, Civil, Airport, Station

Electrical Industry

Fridge, TV, Air Conditioning, Lighting, Oven

Chemical Industry

Incubator, Insulator, Accessories

Industrial Areas

Door, Steel Structure, Ship, Hardware

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