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    Tin free Steel Plate
  • Model: SPCC, MR, L
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Tin Free Steel (TFS) is produced by applying electrolytic chromic acid treatment over steel sheets. This steel product was developed to meet economic requirements, and excels tinplate in paintability, paint adhesion, and economy. It is widely used for making beverage cans and 18-liter cans. It is also used for making photographic film cases and as a protective material for optical fiber cables.


1. Thickness:0.18-0.50mm

2. Width:480-1050mm

3. Base plate:SPCC,MR,L

4. Operated standard:JIS G 3315 ASTM A657M-03

5. Annealing types:BA/CA

6. Surface finish:B, R, R2,M

7. Chrome plating weight:50mg/50mg/m2-150mg/150mg/m2

8. Chromate Oxidate: around 5-35mg/m2

9. Hardness:T2-T4 BA

10. Temper: BA T1.5-T3,CA T3-T5,DR8

11. Coil weight :3-8 ton

12. Oiling:DOS

13. Packing:plastic film, anti-rust paper, corner- protected


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