Doulbe PE color aluminum trim coil in white
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Doulbe PE color aluminum trim coil in white

Doulbe PE color aluminum trim coil in white an be used to create decorative accents and other architectural designs. It is designed to cover and protect hard to maintain areas of the home's exterior. All rolls are painted white inside. 
  • DATC20210820

  • Dingang

  • 20210820


Our trim coil is made of durable and thickness .019 guage aluminum,poly Aluminum Trim Coil is a 3105 alloy with a hardness of H28,which coated with high quality Polyester.
Trim Coil is used to enhance the exterior parts of your home, as well as giving it an added protection from all weather types. It is mostly used to create a covering for fascia boards, window trim,roof flashings, and any wood that is exposed to the outdoors.

Specifcations of aluminum trim coil


Double-sided white coated aluminum coils have the following advantages:

Highly decorative: Double-sided white-coated aluminum coils are rich in color and beautiful in appearance, and can be used in various decorative occasions.

High weather resistance: Due to the high weather resistance of its surface coating, it can maintain a long-lasting decorative effect whether outdoors or indoors.

Easy to process: Aluminum coils have good processability and can be easily cut, bent and stamped to adapt to various shapes.

Environmentally friendly materials: recyclable and reusable, meeting environmental protection requirements for energy conservation and emission reduction.

Versatility: Can be used for various purposes, such as building exterior walls, interior decoration, vehicles, ships, aircraft, etc., with a wide range of application fields.

Good energy-saving effect: Reflecting more than 90% of sunlight, it can reduce air-conditioning energy consumption in summer, thereby achieving energy saving.

In addition, it has anti-radiation, anti-static, anti-fatigue and other properties. For more information, it is recommended to consult a professional.


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