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What Is The Aluminum Trim Coil?

Aluminum trim coil is a coil of thin aluminum sheet material that is specifically designed for use as windows' trim, roofing trim,etc.,It is typically made from high-quality, durable aluminum alloy and comes in various widths, thicknesses, and colors to match different window designs and styles. Aluminum trim coil is used to create a protective and decorative covering for the exterior of windows. It is installed around the perimeter of windows,rooding.,decoration and other positions to provide a finished appearance, conceal any gaps or imperfections between the window frame and the wall, and protect the underlying materials from moisture, wind, and other weather elements.

Aluminum Trim Coil Specification



Aluminum Trim Coil


0.019" or other thickness can be available


14" or 24""





Inner Diameter



White, Grey, Coffe, Black, and other colors available for special order

Coating thickness

PVDF Paint Coating: Not Less Than 25um


PE Paint Coating : Not Less Than 18um


Small rolls packed with the carton

Payment Terms

L/C at sight or 30%T/T in advance as deposit, and 70% balance against the B/L copy.


1 Tons Per Specification

Delivery Time

Within 15-45 Days


Loading Port

Shanghai Port and Etc


Aluminum Roofing,Wood cover,Decoration,The Ceilling.etc.,

Aluminum Trim Coil Products

Can't Find Ideal Aluminum Trim Coils For Your Industries?

We provide custom solutions to all our customers and offer free aluminum trim coil samples that you can take advantage of.

Features of Aluminum Trim Coil

Aluminum Trim Coil Offers Many features such as:
  • Aesthetic Appeals

    The aluminum trim coil such as wooden pattern can offers a more natural aesthetic appearance which can enhance your home's curb appeal as well as provide an aura of subtle elegance.
  • Customizable

    Aluminum Trim coil is manufactured in long sheets and delivered nya coil box. it can be cut and shaped on-site to create a customized trim that will fit seamlessly into your project's aesthetic.
  • Easy Maintenance

    The versatile building material is virtually maintenance-free and naturally resists scratches due to the high-quality coating. Currently, our aluminum trim coil can be easy sheds dirt and washes clean in the rain, along with offering superior protection to guard against chalking and fading.
  • Range of Colors

    The aluminum trim coils have a variety of durable finish colors.which h can protects against cracking,  flaking and scratching,  It is also available in more than 100 different colors , you find a color style to match the house easily.
    Our aluminum trim coil is also available in wood grain and marble coating to get a perfect natural look.
  • Durable and Flexible

    We can Manufactured the aluminum trim coil from .019 gauge aluminum, wood grain aluminum trim coil is durable and provides sufficient rigidity for wide pieces and enough flexibility to be fashioned on the job site with standard tools.
  • Increases Home health’s life

    Aluminum trim coil protects the underlying wood of the home from heat and moisture, increasing the home's longevity and reducing the amount of maintenance required on the home's exterior.
    Design with Wood Grain Aluminum Trim Coil and marble surface aluminum trim coil.
    Here are a few ideas of how to incorporate wood grain aluminum trim coil and marble surface aluminum trim coil into a home's exterior and interior design. As technology continues to develop in our world, it gives the market more options than before.
    Stone, wood and brick aluminum trim coil continue to be building materials that in the top list of material,but it also comes to be a creative home exterior in the recently period.

Advantages of Aluminum Trim Coil


Where Dingang’s Aluminum Trim Coil 
Can Be Used In?
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Welcome To Visit Dingang Aluminum Trim Coil's Production Lines

For the past decade,Dingang has been growing rapidly in the industry,owning two plants of 160,000㎡ with eight large automatic roller coating lines for aluminum and six for steel products.Over 700 skillful workers.In addition,we have stretching-bending rectifier,cleaning drawbench,embossing,cross-cutting and vertical slitting machines.

With near 20 years of professional metal coating experience,we have the ability to coat PE,PVDF and epoxy coating.We are also one of the few coating applicators that can replicates natural materials such as stones,marble,wood,terracotta,concrete and even rusted copper on the surface of metal with paint.

Production Line

Registered Capital: 15 million US Dollar (Equivalent to 95 million Yuan).
Company Size: Covers an area of 160,000㎡.
Equipment and technology: Introducing Siemens electric control system in production lines.
Productive capacity: Eight pre-painted aluminum lines with output 150, 000 tons/year.Six full automatic color coating steel production lines with output of 450,000 tons/year;


No matter clients need us to make OEM or ODM,that's available to us.
Many clients from Euro,America,Canada,Austrila and other developed countries who hope us to produce the products with their own brand.We are very willing to cooperate with them and meet their's requirement.
Trust us and cooperate with us,our product and servise would make you satisfied.


Dingang still believes the driving force of company's long term development comes from the cultivation of talents.That's why we pay huge attention to the cultivation of scientific and technological personnel.Every year we would recruit graduates from universities.
Now our group has more than 700 employees in our two factories.Most of them with diplomas over university's degrees.Including 38 engineers and 170 technician.

Education Of Degree



Master And Above






Junior College



Technical And Skill School






In addition,Dingang annually spends more than 12% of total sales on research and development and technical personnel advanced study at home and abroad.

Cooperation Process

  • Step.1

    Enquiry Us With Spec Requirements
  • Step.2

    Offer Client With Quotation And Sample
  • Step.3

    Quotation & Sample Approved By Client
  • Step.4

    Payment Way & Lead Time Confirmed
  • Step.5

    Sales Contract Signed (Order Confirmed)
  • Step.6

    Bulk Production & Shipping Issue
  • Step.7

    Bulk Goods Delivering
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Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled the most frequently asked questions about our aluminum trim coils here for your convenience, but please feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions.

Aluminum Trim Coil FAQ

  • Q What is the difference between aluminum trim coil and PVC trim coil?

    A PVC trim is made from a honeycomb, cellular structure of polyvinyl chloride. 
    Aluminum Trim coil is a thin sheet of aluminum covered with a water-based paint coating used to cover the exposed wood trim on a home. The core material and the surface material are absolutely different with each other.
  • Q How to save the retains of the aluminum trim coil left in stock?

    A If the aluminum coil suddenly changes from a low temperature area to a high temperature area during storage, do not open the package immediately, because the aluminum coil may have oxidized at this time. You should wait for the aluminum coil to be used before unpacking it to avoid oxidation.
    If there is rain or snow leakage in the warehouse, it is not suitable to place aluminum coils, because this may cause oxidation of the aluminum coils.
    Make sure the storage environment is ventilated and dry, and avoid storing aluminum coils in humid places. Aluminum coils are non-ferrous metals. If they come into contact with water or are in a humid environment, they are easily oxidized. White oxidation marks will form on the surface, causing damage to the appearance. In severe cases, they cannot be used. Therefore, a dry environment is a necessary condition for storing aluminum coils.
    The above are some suggestions for preserving and collecting aluminum coils. If you still have questions, it is recommended to consult professionals.
  • Q How to cut the aluminum trim coil?

    A Confirm that the tools are suitable: Before cutting color-coated aluminum coils, you need to confirm whether the cutting tools used are suitable for the aluminum coil material. Generally speaking, cutting aluminum coils requires the use of specialized metal cutting tools or equipment, such as metal cutting machines, saws, knives, etc.

    Confirm coating stability: The coating of color-coated aluminum coils has a certain adhesion strength, but it is also easily damaged by external factors. When cutting color-coated aluminum coils, it is necessary to confirm the stability of the coating and try to avoid peeling, damage, etc. of the coating.

    Control the cutting force: When cutting color-coated aluminum coils, you need to control the cutting force to avoid excessive force that may cause the coating to fall off or be damaged. At the same time, avoid using too little force, resulting in incomplete cutting or uneven cutting surfaces.

    Use auxiliary tools: In order to make cutting more accurate and convenient, you can use some auxiliary tools, such as steel rulers, cutting mats, etc. When using these tools, you need to pay attention to the contact surface with the color-coated aluminum coil to avoid damaging the coating.

    Clean the cutting surface: After cutting, the cutting surface of the color-coated aluminum coil needs to be cleaned to remove burrs, impurities, etc. to ensure the effect of subsequent processing or use.

    In short, when cutting color-coated aluminum coils, you need to pay attention to the stability of the coating, control the cutting force, use appropriate tools, pay attention to cleaning, etc., to ensure the cutting quality and subsequent use effects.
  • Q If the color decades or scraped,can aluminum trim coil be used or not?

    A It cannot be used, please contact the seller for return or exchange or other remedies.
  • Q Is it the same color on both side of the aluminum trim coil?

    A If you need the same color one both side, you can order it with the same color, it can be different color as your order’s request.
  • Q What gage is this material aluminunm trim coil?

    A The 24 in x 50 ft of Aluminum Trim Coil is a 0.019 gauged material.
  • Q What kind of paint warranty does Spectra have on the striated coil?

    A For the PE coating of aluminum trim coil, the warranty can be 8-15 years.
    But for the PVDF coating of aluminum trim coi, the warrantry can be 25-30 years.
  • Q How to install the aluminum trim material?

    A *Measuring and cutting
    Before making any cuts, measure the area you're working with multiple times to avoid any costly mistakes. When in doubt, it's better to leave a little extra material – you can always trim it down later.
    *Use suitable tools
    A brake, which is a device for bending aluminum trim, is crucial for this job. Other handy tools include aviation snips for cutting, a tape measure and a pencil for marking. Remember to wear gloves for safety as the edges of the cut coil are sharp.
    *Consider of sone uncontral conditions
    Aluminum expands and contracts with temperature changes. When installing, leave a small amount of space at the ends of the trim to account for this adjustment. Not doing so could cause the trim to warp or buckle.
    Make sure the aluminum trim coil in place using aluminum or stainless steel nails because they won't corrode. Remember don’t make the nails so tightly, the aluminum trim material should be able to move slightly to accommodate expansion and contraction.
    *Seam Position
    Position your seamcarefully. You should install them as careful as possible, and ensure the overlap properly for a water-tight seal.
    If you want to Re-paint the trim coil, be sure to check its warranty information first,then you need to ensure that the trim coil is properly cleaned and primed first for the best finish. It's also advisable to use a paint that's formulated for use on metals.

Factory FAQ

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