Green Embossed aluminum sheet
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Green Embossed aluminum sheet

  • Embossed aluminum sheet

  • Dingang

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Embossed aluminum sheet is a type of aluminum sheet that undergoes a process known as embossing, resulting in a pattern or texture on its surface. This process involves pressing a pattern into the metal sheet using specialized machinery and dies, creating a raised design or texture that adds visual interest, improves grip, and enhances the sheet's aesthetic appeal.

Embossed aluminum sheets are commonly used in various industries and applications due to their unique properties and appearance. They can be found in architecture and interior design, where they are used for decorative purposes on walls, ceilings, and panels. In the automotive industry, embossed aluminum sheets might be used for interior trims, license plates, or decorative elements. Additionally, they can be used for functional purposes, such as in packaging, where the embossed texture can provide improved structural integrity or prevent slipping.

The embossed patterns on these sheets can vary widely, ranging from simple geometric designs to more intricate motifs. The embossing process involves passing the aluminum sheet between two rollers, with one of the rollers engraved with the desired pattern. As the sheet passes through the rollers, the pattern is pressed into the sheet, creating the embossed texture.

Embossed aluminum sheets are valued for their durability, corrosion resistance, lightweight nature, and ability to be easily customized to suit specific design requirements.

orange peel


1060 3003 5052 6061 Aluminum Checkered Plate Embossed Diamond Aluminum Sheet
Commodity Aluminum Sheet, Aluminum Plate, AL5052 Aluminum, Aluminum Coil Sheet
 Material & Grade 1050, 1060, 1100, 2A12, 2A14, 3003, 3004, 3005, 3014, 3015, 5052, 5083, 5086, 5251, 5005, 5154, 5754, 6061, 6063...

Thickness: 0.3mm - 200mm
Normal size: 1000x2000mm, 1200x2400mm, 1250x2500mm
Special size can be customized
Temper O-H114, T3-T8
Standard ASTM B209  GB/T3880
Pattern Diamond, Five Bar, 3 Bar, Tear, Orange Peel Pattern, Stucco Embossed Pattern
Surface Mill, Brush, Blast, Mirror, Embossed, Checkered, etc.
MOQ 3 Ton / Size

We can offer:

1) very high quality with the thitd party inspection: SGS, BV, CE,COC, AL and other
2) good price with flexible payment:TT, L/C etc.
3) short lead time and on time delivery 
4) free samples and freight charges in your side
5) professional service
6) quality guarantee after receiving the goods: money return for the bad goods or deliver new goods if any problems happen.


1. Aesthetic Appeal: Embossed aluminum sheets offer a visually appealing and distinctive appearance compared to plain flat sheets. The embossed patterns can range from simple designs to intricate motifs, allowing for customization based on the desired aesthetic.

2. Texture and Grip: The raised patterns on embossed aluminum sheets provide a textured surface, enhancing grip and traction. This makes them suitable for slip-resistant applications such as flooring, ramps, and stairs.

3. Durability: Aluminum is inherently corrosion-resistant, and embossed patterns can further improve the sheet's resistance to wear, abrasion, and scratching. This makes them ideal for outdoor or high-traffic environments.

4. Lightweight: Aluminum is a lightweight material, making embossed aluminum sheets easy to handle, transport, and install. This feature is particularly advantageous in applications where weight is a concern, such as automotive components and aerospace structures.

5. Reflectivity: Aluminum has high reflectivity, which can be useful in applications where heat reflection is important. The embossed patterns can affect the way light is reflected, and this property can be harnessed in architectural and lighting applications.

6. Versatility: Embossed aluminum sheets can be used in a wide range of applications, including decorative purposes in interior design, exterior cladding for buildings, signage, vehicle panels, appliances, and more.

7. Ease of Maintenance: The textured surface of embossed aluminum sheets can hide minor scratches and imperfections, making them relatively easy to maintain and clean.

8. Customization: Manufacturers can produce embossed aluminum sheets with various patterns, designs, and dimensions to meet specific customer requirements. This customization allows for creative and unique applications.

9. Thermal and Electrical Conductivity: Aluminum is known for its excellent thermal and electrical conductivity. While the embossing process may slightly alter these properties, they are still retained to a significant extent, making embossed aluminum sheets useful in applications where these properties are important.

10. Environmentally Friendly: Aluminum is a recyclable material, and embossed aluminum sheets can contribute to sustainability efforts by being recycled and reused.


1.Decorative Panels: Embossed aluminum sheets are often used in interior and exterior architectural design for decorative wall panels, ceilings, and facades. The embossed patterns can add visual interest and texture to spaces, creating a distinctive and appealing look.

2. Appliances: Embossed aluminum sheets can be found on household appliances like refrigerators, dishwashers, and ovens. The textured surface can help reduce the appearance of scratches and fingerprints, making the appliances more visually appealing and easier to maintain.

3. Automotive Industry: Embossed aluminum sheets are used in the automotive industry for decorative trim, panels, and interior components. The texture can add a touch of elegance to vehicle interiors and exteriors.

4. Packaging: Embossed aluminum sheets are used for packaging applications such as bottle caps, cosmetic containers, and food packaging. The embossed patterns can provide a better grip and enhance the visual appeal of the packaging.

5. Signage: Embossed aluminum sheets are used to create durable and eye-catching signs for businesses, public spaces, and wayfinding. The raised patterns make the text and graphics stand out more effectively.

6. Anti-Slip Surfaces: The textured surface of embossed aluminum sheets makes them suitable for applications requiring anti-slip properties. These sheets are commonly used in flooring for industrial, commercial, and transportation settings where traction is essential.

7. Roofing and Cladding: Embossed aluminum sheets are used in roofing and cladding applications due to their durability, corrosion resistance, and aesthetic appeal. The embossed patterns can help improve the strength of the sheet and enhance its weather-resistant properties.

8. Furniture and Home Accessories: Embossed aluminum sheets are used to create furniture pieces, decorative panels, and home accessories. The textured surface adds a touch of sophistication to various design elements.

9. Crafts and DIY Projects: Embossed aluminum sheets are popular for crafting and DIY projects due to their malleability and ability to hold intricate patterns. They can be used to create custom home decor, jewelry, and other creative items.

10.Marine and Aerospace Industries: The lightweight and corrosion-resistant properties of aluminum make embossed aluminum sheets suitable for marine and aerospace applications, such as interior components, cabinetry, and decorative elements.


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embossed aluminum packing



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