Food Container Aluminum Foil
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Food Container Aluminum Foil

  • 8011 O


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         Food container aluminum foil, often simply referred to as aluminum foil, is a thin, versatile sheet made from aluminum metal. It is commonly used for packaging and preserving food.   



Production Process of Food Container Aluminium Foil

      The food container aluminum foil manufacturing process generally goes through casting, homogenization, surface treatment, hot rolling, cold rolling, foil rolling, washing, winding, annealing, and finally cutting.

  aluminium foil

The Food Container Aluminum Foil Structure

     Aluminum is a very active metal, so it is easily oxidized by oxygen in the air to form aluminum oxide at normal temperature and pressure. Aluminum oxide is a dense protective film, which can prevent some substances from further corroding aluminum.

Specification of food container aluminium foil

     Food container aluminium foil,also called dinner ware, which is mainly used for making fast food tray for airline or household food package case.The main alloy for making it include 8011,8006,3003,3004 etc,and most of which are at "O”,H22 and H24 temper.


Aadvantage of food container aluminium foil

1.Heat Resistance: Aluminum foil can withstand high temperatures without melting or deforming, making it suitable for baking, grilling, and reheating food.

2.Barrier Properties: Aluminum foil acts as an effective barrier against moisture, light, oxygen, and other contaminants. This helps keep food fresh and prevents it from spoiling quickly.

3.Insulation: Aluminum foil reflects heat, helping to keep food warm or cold as needed. It is often used in insulated bags and containers to maintain temperature.

4.Non-Toxic: Aluminum foil is safe for food contact and does not transfer any harmful chemicals or flavors to the food.

5.Easy to Shape: Aluminum foil is pliable and can be easily molded to wrap around different shapes and sizes of food items.

6.Recyclable: Aluminum foil is recyclable, making it an environmentally friendly choice for packaging.

7.Versatility: It can be used for wrapping sandwiches, covering baking dishes, lining grill grates, and more.

8.Hygiene: Aluminum foil is a hygienic option for food storage as it can be easily wiped clean and does not absorb food odors.

9.Portability: Aluminum foil containers are lightweight and portable, making them suitable for takeout and leftovers.

10.Customizable: Manufacturers can produce aluminum foil containers in various sizes and shapes to suit specific food packaging needs.

11.Cost-Effective: Aluminum foil is an affordable option for food packaging, making it a popular choice for both commercial and household use.

12.Long Shelf Life: Food stored in aluminum foil containers tends to have a longer shelf life due to the protective barrier it provides.

Packaging and Transportation of Food Container Aluminium Foil

     The packaging of food container aluminium foil should be based on the specification and size of the product. The packaging box and packaging method should be selected. For box-type packaging, the product should not be squeezed or moved after the box.alu

FAQ of Aluminium Foil

Q: What is the difference between Aluminum Foil and Tin Foil?

A:Aluminum is often confused with tin, such as tin foil etc. Aluminum has replaced tin in most industrial applications, such as cans. Tin is considered to be toxic to humans whereas specific aluminum alloys have been FDA approved for direct and indirect food contact.

Q:Is Food Grade Aluminum Foil Toxic?

A:It's incredibly unlikely that you'll consume toxic amounts of aluminum just by cooking with foil.

Q:Are Aluminium Foils’ products environmentally friendly?

A:Yes. Materials purchased from Aluminium Foils are compliant to regulations defined in RoHS II, SVHC, REACH and Conflict Minerals.

Q:How long can you keep food in aluminum foil?

A:Three to four days

Q:Is aluminum foil recyclable?

A:Aluminum foil is recyclable if it's free of food residue. Do not recycle dirty aluminum because food contaminates recycling.


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