Black Embossed Aluminum Coil/Sheet
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Black Embossed Aluminum Coil/Sheet

  • Embossed aluminum sheet

  • Dingang

  • 7610900000


1. Alloy: 1100, 1050, 1060, 3003, 3004,3104,5042,5050, 5082, 5182, 8011 etc.
2. Temper: H12. H14. H16. H18. H22. H24. H26. H32. H34. H36. H38. O etc.
3. Thicknes: 0.01mm -- 5.0mm
4. Width: 2400mm

5. Packing: Export standard, covering with brown paper and plastic film then packed with wooden case/pallet

6. Origin: China
7. Lead Time: Within 30 days
8. Payment Terms: T/T, irrevocable L/C at sight

Specific requirement of alloy, temper or specification can be discussed at your request.
Application: PP cap stock, hot rolled thick plate, PS base plate, aluminum curtain wall base plate, the traffic sign, air-conditioner heat and exchangers, food container, household foil,Pharmaceutical packing, cigarettes packing.

Product Name Embossed Aluminum Coil 
Aluminum Alloy 1050 1060 1100 3003 etc
Thickness 0.2-1.5mm (standard 0.3-0.6mm)
Width  20(min)-2000mm(max), as per request

300-1300mm is common size
Length 6000mm (max), as per request
Top Coating Type PE (Food Grade,ROHS Certificate)
Back Coating Type Epoxy paint, as per request
Color  White Color (RAL Color)
Top Coating Thickness ≥20μm, as per request
Back Coating Thickness ≥7μm, as per request
Pencil Hardness ≥H
T-Bend Test ≤2T
E-Cupping Test 6mm
Color Difference E<0.5
Paint Company PPG Valspar Becker KCC Nippon
Coil Weight 2~3 Ton/ coil, as per request
Coil ID 405mm, 408mm, 505mm,508mm etc, as per request
Coil OD <1400mm, as per request


F processing state
H strain hardening state
O annealing
T heat treatment state
H112 pure state of strain hardening, adjustment has been made to degree of strain hardening and annealing
T4 solid solution treatment and natural efficiency to achieve sufficient stability condition
T5 artificial aging condition of the reentry after high temperature thermal cooling 
T6 artificial aging state after solid solution treatment


Embossed aluminum sheets are versatile materials that find applications in various industries and settings due to their unique surface texture and properties. Here are some common applications of embossed aluminum sheets:

1.Architectural and Interior Design: Embossed aluminum sheets are used in architectural and interior design to add aesthetic appeal and texture to buildings, walls, ceilings, and other surfaces. They can be used for decorative wall panels, room dividers, and exterior cladding.

2.Automotive Industry: Embossed aluminum sheets are used in the automotive industry for both decorative and functional purposes. They can be found in car interiors, dashboards, trims, and decorative elements on the exterior of vehicles.

3.Packaging: Aluminum sheets with embossed patterns are used in packaging applications. The texture not only enhances the visual appeal but also provides grip and anti-slip properties. Such sheets are commonly used in beverage can production.

4.Appliances: Embossed aluminum sheets are used in the manufacturing of appliances such as refrigerators, ovens, and dishwashers. The texture can add a sleek and modern look to the appliances.

5.HVAC Systems: In heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, embossed aluminum sheets are used for ductwork and ventilation components. The embossed texture can increase the strength and rigidity of the material.

6.Industrial and Commercial Kitchens: Embossed aluminum sheets are used in commercial kitchens for various applications, including backsplashes, countertops, and food preparation surfaces.

7.Electronics: Aluminum sheets with embossed patterns can be used for the manufacturing of electronic enclosures, cases, and housings, providing both protection and an attractive appearance.

8.Marine and Aerospace: In marine and aerospace industries, embossed aluminum sheets are used for various applications, such as interior paneling, cabinetry, and decorative elements in boats, yachts, and aircraft.

9.Signage and Labels: The textured surface of embossed aluminum sheets is ideal for signage, labels, and nameplates. It provides a durable and visually appealing surface for branding and information display.

10.Furniture and Decor: Embossed aluminum sheets can be incorporated into furniture design for tabletops, cabinet doors, and decorative accents, adding a touch of uniqueness to furniture pieces.

11.Anti-Slip Flooring: In industrial settings or areas where slip resistance is important, embossed aluminum sheets can be used as flooring material due to their textured surface, which provides traction and safety.

12.Food Processing and Packaging: In the food industry, embossed aluminum sheets are used for conveyor belts, food processing equipment, and packaging materials due to their resistance to corrosion and ease of cleaning.

13.Roofing and Cladding: In construction, embossed aluminum sheets can be used for roofing and cladding purposes. The embossed pattern can enhance the aesthetics of the building while providing durability and weather resistance.


Embossed aluminum sheets and embossed steel sheets are materials that have undergone a process to create raised or textured patterns on their surfaces. These patterns not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of the material but also serve functional purposes in various industries. Let's compare the two based on several factors:


Embossed Aluminum Sheet: These sheets are made from aluminum, which is a lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and non-magnetic metal. Aluminum sheets are often chosen for their lightweight properties and resistance to rust and corrosion.

Embossed Steel Sheet: These sheets are typically made from steel, which is a heavier and stronger material compared to aluminum. Steel sheets are known for their durability and strength.


Embossed Aluminum Sheet: Aluminum is significantly lighter than steel, making aluminum sheets a preferred choice when weight is a critical factor. This is important in applications such as transportation (e.g., automotive and aerospace) where reducing weight can improve fuel efficiency and performance.

Embossed Steel Sheet: Steel sheets are heavier, which can make them suitable for applications where additional strength and rigidity are required but weight is less of a concern.

Corrosion Resistance:

Embossed Aluminum Sheet: Aluminum naturally forms a protective oxide layer on its surface, providing excellent corrosion resistance. This makes it an ideal choice for outdoor and marine applications.

Embossed Steel Sheet: Steel is susceptible to corrosion and rust, but various coating methods such as galvanization or painting can be applied to enhance its corrosion resistance. However, these coatings may require periodic maintenance.

Strength and Durability:

Embossed Aluminum Sheet: Aluminum is less strong and durable compared to steel. It may not be as suitable for applications where high strength or structural integrity is crucial.

Embossed Steel Sheet: Steel is known for its high strength and durability, making it suitable for heavy-duty applications, construction, and structural purposes.

Magnetic Properties:

Embossed Aluminum Sheet: Aluminum is not magnetic, which can be advantageous in certain applications where magnetism is a concern.

Embossed Steel Sheet: Steel is magnetic, and this property can be desirable in applications where magnetic strength or attraction is required.

Can customize Embossed Aluminum Color?

Yes, you can customize the color of embossed aluminum. Embossed aluminum refers to aluminum sheets or plates that have a textured or patterned surface created through a process of rolling or stamping. These patterns can be customized, and the aluminum can be coated or painted in various colors to meet your specific design or aesthetic requirements.

Can customize Embossed Aluminum Coil to Sheet?

Yes, it is possible to customize embossed aluminum coil to sheet. Embossed aluminum is aluminum that has a decorative texture or pattern stamped onto its surface, often for aesthetic or functional purposes. This can include designs like diamonds, stucco, pebble, or other patterns.

To customize embossed aluminum coil to sheet, you typically follow these steps:

Select the Aluminum Coil: Choose the appropriate aluminum coil based on your requirements, such as alloy type, thickness, width, and finish.

Embossing: Use special dies and presses to create the desired texture or pattern on the aluminum surface. The embossing machine stamps the pattern onto the coil.

Cutting to Sheet Size: Cut the embossed aluminum coil into sheets of the desired size using specialized cutting equipment like shears or slitters.


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