Control and solution of paint slag on the surface of roller-coated aluminum coils
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Control and solution of paint slag on the surface of roller-coated aluminum coils

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To control and solve paint slag on the surface of roller-coated aluminum coils, please refer to the following steps:

Ensure the paint supply system is clean: Clean the paint supply system regularly to ensure that there are no residual paint residues in pipes, pumps and paint buckets.WechatIMG2376

Use the correct paint and coating method: Choose paint with good leveling and slag-free properties, and use high-pressure airless spraying methods to reduce the generation of paint slag.

Pre-treat the surface of the aluminum coil: Use detergent to clean the surface of the aluminum coil to remove grease, moisture and other impurities to ensure that the surface is dry, smooth and free of impurities.

Adjust the paint thickness: The paint thickness should be moderate. If it is too thin, it will easily cause the bottom to be exposed. If it is too thick, it will sag and lead to the accumulation of paint slag.

Regular maintenance of equipment: Regularly check the coating equipment, including paint pumps, paint pipes, paint trays, etc., for wear or blockage. If there are any problems, repair them in time.

Adjust the painting speed: Painting at a too fast speed can easily lead to sagging and accumulation of paint slag. Therefore, the coating speed needs to be adjusted to match the paint supply speed.

Control the paint temperature: If the paint temperature is too high or too low, it will affect the painting effect, so the paint temperature needs to be controlled within a suitable range.


Operator skills training: The skill level of painting operators has a great impact on the painting effect, so it is necessary to provide skills training to operators to improve their operation level.

Environmental control: The coating environment should be kept clean, dry, and dust-free, and the temperature and humidity should be appropriate.

Clean the painting site regularly: Clean the sanitary environment of the painting site regularly and keep it tidy.

The above are some reference steps for controlling and solving paint slag on the surface of roller-coated aluminum coils. The specific implementation must be adjusted according to the actual situation.

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