Aluminum Alloy Transportation Applications
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Aluminum Alloy Transportation Applications

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Aluminum Alloy Transportation Applications

The transportation market has several major subsections,as discussed subsequently.

Automobile,van,sport utility vehicle (SUV),bus and truck applications.Automotive structures require a combination of aluminum castings,sheet,and extrusions to cover all good opportunities to increase gasoline mileage and reduce pollutants.Among examples are the following.

*Frame 5182 or 5754 sheet.for space frame designs,6063 or 6061 extrusions

*External body sheet panels where dent resistance is important:2008,6111

*Inner body panels:5083,5754


*Air conditioner tubes,heat exchangers: 3003

*Auto trim:5257,5657,5757

*Door beams,seat trackers,racks,rails and so on:6061,6063

*Hood,deck lids:2036,6061,6111

*Truck beams:2014,6070

*Truck trailer bodies:5456

*Wheels: A356.0 or formed 5xxx sheet

*Housings,gear boxes:357.0,A357.0

Aircraft and aerospace applications require high strength combined with,depending on the specific component,high fracture toughness,high corrosion resistance,and/or high modulus (sometimes all three).The result has been a great number of alloys and tempers developed specifically for this market,as illustrated by the examples below:

*Space mirror:high-purity aluminum

*Wing and fuselage skin:2024,alclad 2024,7075 and 7475 sheet and plate or extrusions

*Wing structures:2024,2124,2314,7020 stiffened extrusions


*Rocket tankage:2195,2219,2419

*Engine components:2618



*If high modulus is critical:Lithium-bearing alloys 2090,2091,2195,8090

*If high fracture toughness is critical:2124,2224,2324,7050,7175,7475

*For maximum fracture toughness:7475

*If stress-corrosion resistance is important:7X50 or 7X75 in the T73-type temper

*If resistance to exfoliation attack is vital:7xxx alloys in the T76-type temper

*For welded construction,as for shuttle tanks:2219,2195,5456

Marine Transportation

Many aluminum alloys readily withstand the corrosive attack of marine salt water and so find applications in boats,shops,offshore stations,and other components that are immersed in saltwater.

*Hull material:5083,5383,6061,6063


*Structure beams:6061,6063

*Offshore stations,tanks:5083,5456

Rail Transportation

Much as for automobile and truck bodies,aluminum lends itself to railcar structural and exterior panel applications.


*Exterior panels:5456,6111

*Tank cars:5083,5454

*Coal cars:5083,5454

*Cars for hot cargo:5454

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