How do you identify the quality of brushed aluminum coils?
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How do you identify the quality of brushed aluminum coils?

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As an important metal material that was developed earlier, brushed aluminum coils are currently widely used in people's daily lives and various fields of industrial production. Aluminum products have application advantages such as light weight and strong plasticity. Aluminum products have become It is an indispensable component of our daily life, so how should we judge the quality of aluminum products when choosing them and what factors should we pay attention to when using them? To judge the quality of aluminum products, you can mainly observe the thickness of the oxide film. If the oxide film is If the thickness does not meet the specification, the surface of the aluminum product will easily rust and be corroded. If aluminum products are doped with many other chemical components, the chemical composition of the aluminum products will be unqualified and seriously endanger the safety engineering.


Look at the thickness: According to national standards, the thickness of exterior wall panels should be 4 mm, and the thickness of brushed aluminum panels should be 0.5 mm; the thickness of interior wall panels should be 3 mm, and the thickness of brushed aluminum panels should be 0.2 mm; the aluminum panels of exterior wall panels are significantly thicker than those of interior walls. The aluminum plate of the board is hard. To check the adhesion of the paint, you can use a sharp blade to mark some 1*1 mm squares on the paint surface, then stick the tape firmly on the squares and then quickly tear off the paint film. There should be no peeling off.

Smell: Peel off the aluminum plate and there should be no pungent smell of organic solvents. Observe its shape: The size of the brushed aluminum plate should be standardized and neat, the thickness should be uniform, the surface should be smooth, and the plate shape should be straight. The product cannot stand when the board is placed on the ground. Lift one end of the board and weigh it. It should not feel too soft. Peel off the protective film on the surface of the product and observe that the paint surface should be clean and tidy, with no surface defects such as color difference, spots, scars, uneven gloss, and missing paint.

Price comparison: Since the prices of the main raw materials for brushed aluminum plates are very high, plus equipment depreciation, labor management costs and production profits, the price has a certain bottom line. At present, the production profits of aluminum plates have almost dropped to a very low level, which is obviously excessive. Low price must be a salient feature of fake and shoddy products. Observation after boiling: Boil the sample for 2 hours, and observe after cooling. There should be no glue opening between the brushed aluminum plate and the plastic. According to the method introduced above, the paint film should be free of glue peeling and brittleness. Observe whether there is brittle fracture. Cut out a piece of aluminum veneer and bend it hard. The brushed aluminum plate should not have obvious brittle fracture.

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