How to identify the status and brand of aluminum-magnesium-manganese roof panels?
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How to identify the status and brand of aluminum-magnesium-manganese roof panels?

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     In recent years, adulteration, counterfeiting and shoddy products in the aluminum, magnesium and manganese industry are extremely ugly behaviors that have appeared in the production and sales of this industry. Unscrupulous merchants use low-grade products to pass off high-grade products, and use recycled aluminum as national standard aluminum. Cheap low-temperature paint with thin film, short weight, easy to crack, easy to fade, no after-sales guarantee, etc. Although it cannot represent the true and objective current situation of the aluminum, magnesium and manganese industry, its existence is beneficial to the health of this industry. Development plays a destructive role that cannot be ignored, threatening the property and personal safety of the majority of owners and processing households. It should attract everyone's attention and refuse to boycott the use of low-priced and inferior products. We will actively promote relevant professional knowledge, reject adulteration, counterfeiting and shoddy products, and resolutely defend the healthy development of the aluminum, magnesium and manganese industry.

Chemical composition:

1060 is industrial pure aluminum, does not contain other metals, has low strength, but is the best in corrosion resistance.

3003 contains 1% more manganese. It is an aluminum alloy with medium strength and is rust-proof aluminum.

3004 contains 1% more manganese and 1% more magnesium. It is an aluminum-manganese alloy with medium to high strength and is a rust-proof aluminum.

Folding resistance:

H18 is hard aluminum, H24 is semi-hard aluminum.

H18 folds 180 degrees and will break or crack.

H24 folds 180 degrees, never breaks.

H18 will rebound when bent, but H24 will not rebound when bent.

Board color:

There is no magnesium in 1060 and 3003, and the board surface is white and shiny.

3004 contains magnesium, making the board surface dark and shiny.

Scratch resistance:

Due to the special material surface of 3004, the paint film adhesion is generally poor and the scratch resistance is also poor.

Performance comparison table


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