What are the advantages of aluminum magnesium manganese roof panels?
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What are the advantages of aluminum magnesium manganese roof panels?

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       Aluminum-magnesium-manganese roof panels have many advantages and are widely used as modern emerging building materials in airports, stations, theaters, workshops, convention and exhibition centers, stadiums, civil buildings, shopping malls and other buildings. So what are the advantages of aluminum-magnesium-manganese roof panels?

(1) Aluminum-magnesium-manganese roof panels are durable and can be used for renovation projects. Aluminum-magnesium alloy roofs have the characteristics of high stability and low weight, which means that the load of the building will not increase too much and can be used freely. It adopts a hidden buckle fixation method and no drilling in the whole process to avoid subsequent corrosion of traditional nail holes. In addition, it can form an oxide layer to effectively prevent the problem of plate corrosion over time. In addition, the surface is protected by fluorocarbon paint. That is to say, it increases the service life and has a beautifying effect, and the service life can be up to 50 years.

(2) The area is not limited. The maximum width of the aluminum-magnesium rust roof panel can be 700MM, and the minimum width can be 300MM. The longitudinally long-span roof system will not be deformed due to internal and external stress. The application of aluminum-magnesium-manganese alloy roofing effectively reduces the plate extrusion and stretching deformation caused by the difference in indoor and outdoor temperatures during the Yanxiang season. At the same time, the complete supply of accessories for this roof system can meet the requirements of various building forms.

(3) Light weight. The density of aluminum-magnesium-manganese roof panels is 2.71g/cm3, which is only 1/3 of steel. The elements contained in aluminum-magnesium panels greatly increase the hardness of the panels. Despite the light weight of aluminum-magnesium-manganese panels, Its strength is not inferior to color steel plate.

(4) Recyclable. The recycling value of aluminum-magnesium-manganese roof panels is much higher than that of traditional color steel tiles and other roofing materials. After long-term use, it still has a high recycling value. It is more economical to use in the long term and is a perfect solution. Solving the current problem of overcapacity in industrial aluminum production.



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