Why are aluminum-magnesium-manganese roof panels widely used?
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Why are aluminum-magnesium-manganese roof panels widely used?

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       Aluminum magnesium manganese roof panels and wall panels have been widely used in roofs and exterior walls of homes, stations, showrooms, airports, public service buildings and large shopping malls. It can be seen that aluminum-magnesium-manganese panels have been generally recognized. As a new roofing material, there are still many advantages. CHANGZHOU DINGANG METAL MATERIAL CO.,LTD will analyze it from 15 aspects below55

  1. Aesthetics:

Using high-temperature porcelain-baked colored sand, it has the look and feel of stone and is natural and beautiful. Adhesive and double-layer spraying process make the colored sand particles and steel plates tightly and firmly bonded.


Aluminum-magnesium-manganese roof panels are used, which have excellent weather resistance, penetration resistance, impact resistance, etc., and the service life can reach 30-50 years.


The inherent strength, self-locking design, and horizontal nailing method can enable the entire roof to withstand external impacts and avoid displacement and slipping during earthquakes. It can even be fixed vertically to buildings.


Utilize shear-resistant design to achieve windproof requirements. Can withstand wind speeds of 160Km/H, equivalent to a Category 14 typhoon.


The exquisite tile design and fastening method ensure that rainwater will not penetrate due to wind pressure when the roof slope is between 15 degrees and 90 degrees. When hit by hail, steel tiles will not crack and cause water leaks.

6.Anti-ice and snow slipping

It can appropriately reduce snow falling on the roof and prevent accidents. An appropriate amount of snow falling on the roof can form a natural insulation layer and keep the temperature inside the house low.

7.Fire resistance

It is a non-combustible material. When burned for 10 minutes at a high temperature of 760 degrees Celsius, the steel tiles will not deform and the colored sand will not fall off.


8.Thermal and sound insulation

Thermal conductivity 0.047-0.07W/(m·K), it is a thermal insulation material or thermal insulation material.


It weighs about 7kg per square meter and is relatively light. Convenient transportation and low cost can reduce the hazards in earthquake explosions.

10.Type of tile type

There are 5 conventional tile types, and there are dozens of tile types in total.


15 regular colors, customizable colors.

12.Fade degree

Fluorocarbon paint is not easy to fade.


The shapes are flexible and diverse, such as arcs, circles, spires, etc., especially suitable for shapes with large slopes, and are easy to construct.

14.Environmental protection

Aluminum alloy can be recycled; transportation energy consumption is low, installation requires less wood, saving wood resources, does not contain harmful substances, and complies with green building standards.

15.Cost and loss

The handling process will not cause any damage due to external forces. The aluminum alloy base material can be cut or bent, and physical installation is not easy to cause loss. It is easy to match various edge designs to maintain the integrity and originality of the roof design style.

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