1.00mm thickness Pre Painted Aluminium Channel Letter Strip
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1.00mm thickness Pre Painted Aluminium Channel Letter Strip

This polyester-coated aluminium creates a uniform surface due to the high level of production control. It minimizes thicker painted areas at edges and corners or the "orange peel" texture typically associated with powder coatings. PE coatings are a more cost-effective option than PVDF coatings, but are less durable.
This energy-efficient coating technology is baked at low temperatures, making it ideal for both interior and exterior applications. Additionally, it allows for easy coating of large panels, curves, and complex shapes.
  • PPAL



1.00mm thickness  Pre Painted Aluminium Channel Letter Strip

Product Details:

Glowing character aluminum edge strip, advertising word color aluminum sideband
General details: thickness: 0.45mm, 0.55mm, 0.6 mm and 0.8mm, width are 30mm, 40mm, 50mm, 60mm and 70 mm.
The surface would be brushed gold and silver color, bright mirror surface (colors: gold mirror, silver mirror, blue mirror, black mirror, tea mirror, rose gold mirror, etc.), as well as rolling color aluminum edges (colors: red, white, black, yellow, blue, red, green, etc.).
The length of each roll is 50-100 meters, can be customized according to customer requirements of thickness, width, length and color.

Model Flat aluminum coil
Width 40mm, 50mm, 60mm,130mm,80mm
Thickness 0.4mm,0.5mm,0.6mm,0.8mm
Colors Black, white, red, silver, blue, yellow, green, brushed silver,brushed gold, mirror silver, mirror gold
MOQ 2 tons
Delivery time Normally in 20 days after order confirmed
Package Carton or Plywood case

1, High-quality, elegant and luxurious, brilliant.
2, The bottom specific gravity, only one of the three parts of stainless steel is heavy and easy to form.
3, Scratch resistance, surface hardness to sapphire level.
4, Environmental protection and non-toxic, products have passed SGS environmental certification.
5, Engage in static electricity, do not vacuum and easy to clean, strong anti-fingerprint ability.
6, The surface color is the same, the oxide layer does not fall off.


  1. Excellent roll forming and welding;

  2. Properties (for TIG, laser and overlap or butt welding) ;

  3. High strength combined with high elongation;

  4. Extremely consistent material characteristics;

  5. Good adhesion between aluminum and polyethylene due to special chemical degrease.

After processing showing:

Why choose aluminum produced to channel letter?

1. Recyclable
Fully recyclable, cherish resources and protect the environment.

2. Rich storage resources
According to calculations, it has been estimated that many of the proven non-ferrous metal ores will be mined in succession in the coming decades at the current mining speed. The aluminum ore resources are rich in storage.

3. Light texture, good mechanical properties, easy to process
The moderate hardness and flexibility of aluminum make it easy to cut, bend, and roll forming.

4. Low maintenance cost and durability
In outdoor decoration as roofing materials, compared with color steel, galvanized steel and other materials, although the initial installation cost is high, the oxidation resistance makes the maintenance cost of aluminum coils extremely low and the durability is longer.

What makes our aluminum coils well known?

Excellent quality: selected high-quality base materials , PPG and Becker brand high-quality PVDF paint, advanced roller coating process, carefully processed;

Fast delivery: the company always prepares about 5,000 tons of aluminum rolls of various specifications, and thousands of colors are available

Good service: listen carefully to customer needs, actively cooperate, and solve problems for customers quickly and thoughtfully

With the extensive and in-depth cooperation with customers, the company's color-coated aluminum coils are exported to Europe, Israel, the Netherlands, North America and other countries and regions.


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